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Meeting Objective

A school council is a representative, school building-based committee composed of the Principal, parents, teachers, community members and at the secondary level students, required to be established by each school pursuant to the MGL 71, Sec 59c.

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Adopt educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performance standards.
  2. Identify the educational needs of students attending the school.
  3. Review the annual school building budget.
  4. Formulate a School Improvement Plan

Rochester Memorial School Council inquiries may be submitted to the RMS Office by calling 508-763-2049.

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Members 2024-2025

Mrs. Letendre, Principal, Co-Chair
, Co-Chair
_ , Paraprofessional

, Academic Interventionist
, Special Education Teacher

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RMS School Council meetings are held in the RMS Conference Room from 3:30-4:30 p.m. unless otherwise specified.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes will be posted below as they become available.